These photos are from that land I love, the American Southwest, or at least from the parts of it I have managed to get to. These are mostly vacation photographs, unlike my New Mexico galleries, which are photographs from weekend and day tripping. The Colorado Plateau holds so many world-class national parks and public lands that it attracts visitors from around the globe. I was one of them!

Just follow the Colorado River, more or less, from Grand Junction, Colorado to Grand Canyon, Arizona, with a hundred side trips.

Some of the most beautiful places I know are in southern Utah, in what I like to think of as the A to Z tour, Arches to Zion. In between are the wonders of Canyonlands, Capitol Reef and Bryce, and outstanding state parks like Kodachrome Basin, Dead Horse Point and Goblin Valley.

Here is where I saw my first rattlesnake and tarantula, pulled the first cactus spines from my boots with a pliers and had several good shirts torn apart by plant life as hard as the land. Here is where I rounded up cattle for the first time, walked through quicksand, mined a lode of silver, rescued the town from outlaws and saved the widow's homestead from greedy bankers. Oops...that last stuff was from the movies. Gotta love the southwest.

"Deep in the outback, back of beyond, far into the hoodoo land of naked stone" - Edward Abbey


The Colorado Plateau

Needles Landscape
Needles Sunset and Moon
Mule Canyon Ruins
Dead Horse Point
Goblin Valley Blue Hoodoos
The White Room
Druid Arch
Henry Mountains Utah Sunrise
Coyote Buttes
Powell Point
Coyote Gulch Skyline Arch
Peek-A-Boo Gulch
Monument Valley from Muley Point
Monument Valley
House Rock Valley Road
Cathedral Valley
Fish Mouth Ruins
Utah Land of Panoramas
Cottonwood Canyon Narrows
Coyote Gulch Waterfall
Kin Kletzo Chaco Ruins