In spring of 2004 I bought a house north of Santa Fe which needed a lot of work, inside and out. I'm still dealing with that today, but at that time re-siding the house was the most important job. I had to clear a lot of brush and to trim back the trees along the south end, and was delighted with the scenic view I opened up. A photo project began almost immediately, at first using small point and shoot style digital cameras, and later moving up to a larger camera with a variety of lenses.

I've got about 90 degrees of the horizon nearly all the way to the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, with no near neighbors to spoil the view. The land nearest to me is on the Tesuque Pueblo, and much of the farther land is part of the Santa Fe National Forest. There are more and more large houses popping up to the south, four or more miles away, but they are small specks toward the horizon.

My sunset shots are aimed southeast, so the sun can't be part of them. If you've ever spent time in New Mexico, you know how spectacular the skies can be toward the west at sunset, but I don't get a piece of those! (too easy, sour grapes, etc.)

The project has expanded to include the flora and fauna inside my back yard: strange insects, cacti and succulents, wild roses and not so wild tulips, daffodils and other flowers. Hummingbirds too, but they get a little gallery on this website all to themselves!

My Back Yard

My Backyard Sunset #4
My Backyard Cactus Flowers
My Backyard Sunset #7
My Backyard Moth
My Backyard Sunset #7
My Backyard Sunset #2
My Backyard Sunset #3
Backyard Double Rainbow over Santa Fe
Backyard tesuque Downpour
Backyard Sangre de Cristo Downpour
Backyard Rain at Sunset
Backyard Unknown Bug
Backyard Tarantula Hawk Wasps
Backyard tesuque Downpour
Backyard Tesuque Lightning Storm
Backyard Sunrise #1
Backyard Cholla Cactus
Sunset #5
Another Santas Fe Rainbow
Fresh Snow at Sunset
Backyard Sunrise #2
Tesuque Firethorn
Winter Sunset
Backyard Wild Rose
Santa Fe Storm
Sunset #6
Tesuque Rainbow
Snowy Tesuque Foothills
Sunset #8
Sunset #9
Tesuque Sky
Backyard Orb Weaver Spider
Backyard Infrared Yucca