Spieths In Ohio

b. 5-11-1795
d. 4-1-1868
Christian Andreas Spieth
Catharina Magdalena Fahrion
b. 8-20-1791
d. 5-26-1795
b. 11-28-1792
d. 12-29-1814
b. 12-21-1796
b. 2-5-1798
d. 12-7-1888
b. 2-8-1800
d. 4-23-1875
b. 2-22-1802
d. ~1807
b. 5-24-1805
d. 1-8-1896
b. 11-24-1807
d. 1-8-1896
b. 4-20-1795
Georg Jacob Spieth
Christian Leonhard Spieth
Magdalena Barbara Junginger
Georg Jacob Spieth
Johann Adam Spieth
Catharina Magdalena
Christian Frederick Spieth
Maria Magdalena Muenzenmayer
Johann Christoph Spieth
Johann Christian Friedrich Spieth
Johann Gottlieb Spieth
Christina Dorothea Schlienz
Wilhelm Gottlob Spieth
Christian Friderich Spieth
Wilhelm Spieth
Magdalena Barbara
John David Spieth
Rosina Christine Frank
Catherine Rosina Junginger
Christina Catherine Schect
Children: William George(2-5-1858 to 2-14-1925), Catherine (b.~1859), Anna Barbara (b.11-19-1860), John (b.~1864) and Charles H (b.~1869)

John David Spieth was a youngest child, and the only one born in America. John lived and died in Liverpool Township, Medina County, Ohio, and all of the children were born there. He was about 37 years old when he died.

By 1880, his wife was married to Michael Stoskopf (b.9-1827), and had two new sons, Albert (b~1874) and Richard (b~1878).

b. ~1802
b. ~1820
b. 10-13-1764
b. 11-15-1766
d. 8-30-1843
Children: Catherine Regina (~1858 to 11-17-1930), John Christian (1-23-1860 to12-20-1920), Christian Christ F (4-1863 to 5-20-1941), Adam (12-28-1866 to 10-5-1935), Carolina Louisa (4-21-1868 to 1-23-1952), Rosina (4-8-1870 to5-8-1890), Regina Helena (10-4-1871 to 5-2-1947) and Anna Louise (11-11-1873 to 6-7-1945). Wilhelm and Catherine and family lived in Pleasant Township, Henry County, Ohio. Sons Christian and Adam raised families in Fort Wayne, Indiana and nearby Monroeville, Indiana.
Children: Louisa (6-14-1852 to 10-14-1927), Carolina Barbara (11-21-1855 to 10-6-1937), William (1-28-1857 to 9-18-1881) and Katherine Philippina (b. 11-21-1858). This family lived in Pleasant Township, Henry County, Ohio.

Christian Spieth fought in the Civil War. He drowned himself in a canal in Defiance, Ohio.

b. 3-18-1824
b. 12-5-1825
d. 12-27-1877
b. 2-13-1829
d. 8-16-1904
b. ~1835
b. 1-1839
b. 11-23-1830
b. 12-17-1830
d. 8-23-1908
b. 8-28-1828
d. 4-8-1910
Children: Elizabeth (~1839-1882), Christina (~1840-1882), Margaret (b.~1842), Magdalena (~1842-1907), Barbara (~1845-1929), Rachel E (2-23-1847 to 2-13-1915), Hannah Jenny (3-6-1849 to 11-11-1941), John Gottlieb, Jr. (12-22-1851 to 8-7-1939), Daniel W (4-23-1854 to 1-10-1907), Lydia (~1856-1882), Sara (~1859-1945), Charles (b. 5-1862), Emma (10-1863 to 2-9-1907) and Anna (b.~1864). The first five or six children were born in Liverpool Township, Medina County, Ohio. The rest were born nearby in Brunswick, Medina County, Ohio. John Sr. and his wife died in Henry County, Ohio.
Children: John Christopher (b.~1833), Frederick (b.~1838), Caroline (b.~1839), William Gottlieb (2-14-1842 to 2-17-1897), Louisa (b.~1844) and Eliza (b.~1847). This family lived in Medina County, Ohio.
d. 5-3-1897
d. 8-18-1871
Spieths in Germany
William George Spieth (2-5-1858 to 2-14-1925) was my grandfather's grandfather. He married Kathryn Christina Groh (5-22-1860 to 2-29-1932), daughter of John G Groh and Joanna C Plapp, both born in Germany. William and Kathryn had children Willis Arthur Spieth (5-31-1884 to 4-1974) and Pearl Viola Spieth (9-20-1881 to 1-3-1938). William worked as a foreman in the Ohio oil fields.
m. 4-16-1857
m. 12-20-1857
I don't have any photos of my great great great grandfather John David Spieth, or of his son, William George Spieth, but here are two photos of his cousin John G. Spieth Jr., courtesy of John Troeger.
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m. 11-26-1831
Lorenz Ankele
m. 11-25-1830
d. 11-6-1863
m. 6-24-1828
d. 2-13-1833
m. 6-24-1823
m. 4-8-1849
d. ~1906