Spieths in Germany

Hans Spieth
Barbara Spieth
Georg Spieth
Anna Nagel
b. 1600
b. 1602
b. 3-13-1651
Johannes Spieth
Margareta Zuber
d. 4-23-1677
d. 12-31-1681
b. ~1610
b. ~1614
b. ~1613
Maria Nagel
Jerg Spieth
b. ~1610
d. 2-25-1660
d. 5-22-1671
d. 1-25-1685
d. 10-31-1676
b. 3-5-1641
d. 10-3-1716
d. 3-30-1725
Jerg Spieth
Anna Ilg
Jeremias Spieth
Anna Barbara Haug
Friderich Jacob Spieth
Anna Catharina Lang
Anna Margaretha Halm
Johannes Spieth
Johann Christoph Spieth
Georg Friedrich Spieth
Euphrosina Schumacher
Elizabetha Margaretha Spieth
Christian Andreas Spieth
Johann Adam Spieth
Catharina Magdalena Fahrion
Magdalena Barbara Junginger
John David Spieth
Christina Catharina Schect
George   William Spieth
Spieth & Wise Branches
Spieths in Ohio
b. 2-5-1858
b. ~1859
b. 11-19-1860
b. ~1835
d. 8-18-1871
b. 5-11-1795
d. 4-1-1868
b. 4-20-1795
b. 10-13-1764
b. 11-15-1766
d. 8-30-1843
b. 3-6-1740
d. 7-10-1767
b. 12-28-1738
d. 6-30-1780
Most of the Spieth families today can trace their ancestry back to the German district of Esslingen, centrally located in the state of Baden Wuerttemberg. Most of the people shown here lived in the village of Oberesslingen, with some from Hegensberg, Liebersbronn or a few other nearby locales.

When church records began in 1638, there seem to have been four Spieth families in Oberesslingen, those of Johannes, Georg, Jerg and Hans, as they are listed on this tree. How these four men were related to each other is unknown. While the records are fairly complete regarding dates of birth, death and marriage, further details of these lives are almost nonexistant.

We do know that many of these men had the occupation of "Vine Dresser": they were tenders of the vineyards which surround the village of Oberesslingen.

Anna Barbara Spieth
John Spieth
Charles Henry Spieth
b. 8-1864
b. 4-26-1869
b. 5-11-1680
d. 3-23-1751
b. 1-13-1686
d. 6-4-1760
b. 4-24-1713
d. 2-10-a1768
b. 11-17-1717
d. 5-8-1781
b. 12-29-1643
d. 6-17-1709
b. 9-4-1641
d. 4-18-1716
b. 10-18-1670
d. 6-3-1735
b. 6-6-1671
d. 2-14-1735
b. 6-25-1708
b. 12-9-1700
b. 1-1839
Conrad Zuber
b. ~1580
Hans Spieth
b. ~1582
Hans Nagel
b. ~1580
Hans Spieth
b. ~1590
m. 5-15-1636
m. 2-2-1636
m. 2-3-1662
m. 11-2-1710
m. 11-19-1737
d. ~1635
m. 1-4-1636
m. 9-17-1668
Caspar Ilg
Anna Zuber
m. 1-17-1641
Hans Spieth
Agnes Ketz
Catharina Spieth
Georg Lang
Michael Schumacher
Anna Spieth
Conrad Schumacher
Elizabetha Eberspaecher
Hans Ketz
Anna Bofinger
Johann Georg Spieth
Anna Maria Berner
Johann Melchior Spieth
Anna Catharina Scheuerlen
Sophia Catharina Spieth
Friedrich Fahrion
m. 11-29-1597
Christian Andreas Spieth had nine children, and at least five of them immigrated to the United States. Johann Adam Spieth, his wife, and three of his four children, along with brother Johann Gottlieb Spieth arrived in New York on August 4, 1832. The next year saw the arrival of his child Wilhelm Gotlob Spieth, and brother Christian Frederick Spieth. By 1865, the three brothers had twenty-four children between them, living in the northwest Ohio counties of Defiance and Henry, or in Medina County, south of Cleveland.

Anna Spieth was Barbara Spieth's sister, and daughter to Georg Spieth and Anna Nagel.

Johann Georg Spieth was an older brother of Jeremias Spieth (parents: Hans and Barbara Spieth).

b. ~1611
d. 2-16-1683
b. ~1613
d. 5-17-1676
b. ~1613
d. 2-18-1639
m. 1-14-1638
b. 8-31-1613
d. 6-29-1684
b. 9-23-1571
b. 12-21-1572
b. 10-2-1638
d. 4-11-1692
b. ~1614
d. 12-13-1685
m. 4-9-1662
b. 8-30-1631
d. 3-3-1676
m. 10-19-1658
b. 2-20-1639
d. 4-19-1713
m. 11-21-1699
m. 4-16-1857
m. 6-24-1823
d. 6-8-1767
d. 2-13-1933
m. 6-29-1870
m. 2-19-1760
m. 9-23-1766
b. 3-31-1704
b. 7-10-1741
b. 4-23-1742
d. 12-27-1776
d. 4-15-1809
m. 11-16-1728
m. 5-20-1732
b. 1-4-1737
d. 5-26-1793
d. 2-21-1782
m. 5-29-1705
m. 7-27-1700
b. 8-22-1677
b. 5-11-1669
b. 7-8-1672
d. 1-26-1677
d. 6-5-1737
d. 2-7-1748
d. 12-13-1744
Gall Ketz
Margaretha Schwarz
Zacharias Bofinger
Othalie Minsinger
m. 4-27-1562
b. ~1545
b. ~1545
b. ~1540
b. ~1540
This Spieth Family Crest seems to be the most authentic of several available ones. Do you have a better version? Please let me know, along with any additions or corrections to this page!
Unlike other pages on this website, the completeness of the records used to construct this page made showing every ancestor an impossible task. Thus this chart has been pruned here and there to emphasize the Spieth ancestors, particularly the ones whose descendants eventually immigrated to Ohio.
d. 1-23-1947
d. 2-14-1925
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Christian Andreas Spieth was one of five children, and some of the Ohio Spieths are descended from his brother, Johann Friedrich Spieth. Johann had nine children, including son Johann Leonard Spieth. While none of these nine children came to America, at least two of Johann Leonard's nine children did: Katherine Barbara Spieth and Jacob Friedrich Spieth. Many of the Ohio Spieths who I could not tie into the Christian Andreas line, like the Lorain Ohio Spieths, could be the descendants of Jacob Friedrich.