Williams and Laviolette Branches
Fragale Branch
Leisner Branch
Cessna Branch
Rudick & Meiser Branches
Spieth & Wise Branches
Ernestina Giese
Roger Nicholas Williams
William Henry Spieth
Dorothy Bonita Rudick
Brendan Roger Williams
Margaret Regina Fragale
Walter Ronald Spieth
Harriet Marie Williams
Irene Mary Gager
Michael Ronald Spieth (Me)
Margaret Mary Spieth
Ronald Jeffrey Spieth
Matthew William Spieth
Jennifer Leah Lorenz
Emma Maria Leisner
Michael E. Fragale
Maria Concetta Mascaro
Gabriele Fragale
Frederick Leisner
Anastasia Tessier
Adelore Laviolette
Leah Elizabeth Laviolette
Susan Ann Young
George F. Williams
Susan "Sudie" Walters
Mary Alice Cessna
Walter Coombs Cessna
Jemima Catherine Crews
John Andrew Rudick
Mary Anna Law
Henry Wise
Lorena Frederica Wise
Cecil Edward Rudick
Kathryn Christina Groh
Willis Arthur Spieth
William George Spieth
Tessier Branch
Owsley, Poyntz , Middleton and Bayne Branches
Walters & Ashcraft Branches
Spieths in Ohio
Spieths in Germany
Gauthier Branch
Ackerman, Delamater and Knapp Branches